A Cable Revolution is at Hand

There's no doubt in my mind that I have finally found a decent company in http://www.cable-tv.com/dish-network/. Dish Network is a company that I've been looking for in a cable provider for a long time now. Before, I was stuck with Time Warner who, while not being a terrible company, was never able to provide me with the service prices that I was hoping for. Cable television is expensive but it shouldn't be this expensive. Somehow we have been allowed to think that the prices being set by Comcast and Time Warner are more than reasonable prices. This surely cannot be the case.

And it's not. Dish Network came into my life to prove that point. I found exactly everything that I wanted from them at nearly half the price that I was paying with Time Warner originally. When I pointed this out to Time Warner in hopes that they would be willing to lower the price of my monthly bill they were unwilling to do so. That surprised me; many companies rather retain a customer so they do price matching. To them making the sale to a customer is far more important than having them switch to a new service.

I'm certain that they will be changing the way that they do business soon enough. They won't have any choice but to do that because there is going to be a lot of competition coming into the market soon. We're about to see first hand an entire industry change after the FCC sets down the new rules for governing and classifying the Internet. It will be a good thing for the industry, the current companies and for consumers. Hopefully the large companies won't put up too much of a fight against it because we really do need this to happen.

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Thinking About Dumping My Cable Tv

DirecTV GenieThinking about dumping my cable tv, but I am not sure what would be the best thing to do instead. Of course I watch a lot of live sports and that is the thing that really keeps people from cutting the cable on Time Warner and Comcast and those other pirates. Everything else you can get off the internet of you can get you a Digital Video Recorder like the Direct TV Genie and record it, then you play it back and skip through the ads. Obviously that sort of defeats the whole purpose of most tv programs. You either are supposed to pay for it, like HBO and Showtime and all those channels, or you are supposed to sit through the ads and that is how those actors make a hundred thousand dollars for each half hour sit com. In fact I hardly ever watch any network TV aside from sports.

I used to watch the History Channel before they became just another channel that shows cheaply made reality tv shows. Of course they do that because you can get some guy with a pawn shop and pay him five thousand dollars to do a show, he thinks it is a great deal. A real celebrity is probably paying five thousand dollars a month to the guys who work for him. They got to have all sorts of people to help keep them famous and deal with the stuff that famous people deal with. At any rate I just watch documentaries and live sports. I do not know what is the best way to get those. I certainly can not really stream it off of the internet though. I have done that when necessary and it stinks to tell the truth. It is not as good as watching in HD.

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How Good is the Service with Satellite?

I am wondering about this simple fact. Say for instance you order the Satellite TV package from Direct TV or the other company (I think it is Dish Network or something like that). Then it is the middle of the windy part of the year or you have a snow storm. How often is that going to make it too difficult for you to look at the TV. It is not going to be a huge issue for me most of the time. I do not watch a tremendous amount of TV, although a lot of the time I have it on while I do other stuff without really paying attention to it. A lot of the time I am using my tv to play files off my computer for one thing. I have it set up so that the files on my computer can be played on it rather easily and the big thing that I want to watch is live sports on TV.

If it was not for live sports on the cable channels like ESPN, Fox Sports and TNT I might not even pay for TV. I could get most of the other stuff that I want to watch off of the internet. It is less convenient than watching it live on the TV, but not really. If you know what you are doing it is fairly easy. You can find just about any show or movie you want to watch, particularly if you do not care as much about the legalities. At any rate you have to watch live sports on live tv, the alternatives are just not very good at all. On occasion I will stream a game if it is not on the system that I get, but that is not any fun at all.

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Wonder How Hard It is to Get Flood Insurance

Started to look at a place near Latham Park, but I am not sure if they still have issues down there. Of course Buffalo Creek runs thought the park and this house sits above the flood plain from what I can tell, but when I was a Kid this area used to flood a lot and I am not sure if you can get flood insurance here or not. A lot of the time they are pretty reluctant to sell you flood insurance because you may actually need it. They would be happy to sell it to you if there was very little chance that you would ever need it, but not if there is a good chance that they might have to pay. Of course those guys are in the business of figuring out which risks are worth taking and they can figure out what is a good bet and what is a bad one. You have to expect people to act in their own best interest.

Obviously this is not that big of a problem since they cleaned out the creak bed I think. At some point about a decade or so back the city or the state of North Carolina, or both came along and made the creek so that it would be able to hold more water. I guess they dug it it out. At any rate it has not been that bad down there of late. Of course the park still gets water logged when it rains, but that is because it drains the entire city pretty much. So water is running from the high ground all around it down in to the park and it is obvious enough that there is going to be a lot of mud if it rains for any length of time.

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